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Christ Church Cathedral has a long history of supporting refugee families. Our most recent family arrived just over two years ago. They were from Syria - a Palestinian Moslem mother and the youngest of her six children, a 20 year-old son. Safia, the mother, is the sister to the wife in a family brought over six years ago by the Church of St. John the Divine. Safia and Saddam have adjusted well to life here. Saddam is working long hours to support his mother and has worked hard to pass his driver's license exam.  Although Safia has a number of health problems and has experienced so much trauma in her life, she continues to be positive and persists with her English classes. She catered to the Refugee Info Cafe held the end of October and provided delicious Syrian finger foods for all to enjoy.

Right now, the Refugee Support Group is in the process of bringing one of Safia's older sons, his wife and infant son to Canada. They were living in Iraq and fled ISIS by escaping to Indonesia. They are presently waiting anxiously in Jakarta. The young couple are both university trained, he as an accountant and she as an early childhood educator. He says in his emails that he is finding it very hard to be so long without work. Please pray that they will soon be on there way to a new life here in Victoria.

Below: A photo of some of the members of the Refugee Support Group, January 2016.

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The Cathedral Refugee Support Group asks for your help - in prayer but also financially and in the provision of the basics needed for life in Victoria. This includes a place to live, furnishings, household goods and potential for work opportunities. We are legally obligated to support our new family for one year. Their travel costs are a loan from the Government of Canada and must be paid back within two years, so it would be great to receive help covering those costs as well.

In addition, the Refugee Support group is continuing to pray and consider the support of a second family through a government program in which part of the finances are covered for the first six months. Updates will be posted on this page.

The child Jesus was a refugee when his parents fled with him to Egypt. May we see him in all those of who flee persecution and poverty.

Photo: The group's table at the annual Ministry Fair at Christ Church Cathedral



For more information about the Cathedral Refugee Support group, please contact Joan Duckett
Financial donations can be made to the cathedral, specifying Refugee Support on the cheque memo line or on your giving envelope.

Praise and thank you for your support

The Cathedral Refugee Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. We meet in the Cathedral Deanery unless stated otherwise.

Read our Meeting Minutes: January 2017

Photo: Stained glass window of St. Alban, Patron Saint of Refugees


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Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 5:00 pm in the Deanery.

Latest News as of January 2017: We are now in the process of sponsoring one of the Safia’s older sons, along with his wife and one year old son. This couple fled Iraq and ISIS early in 2015 and are now in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Both adults have university degrees, she in early childhood education and he in business administration (he has worked as an accountant and can speak and write in English). Our family has an interview at the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta on February 15.  It is very likely that we will soon have a date for their arrival in Victoria. 

Through the very generous donations of parishioners and others, we now have almost all the furnishings and household goods we will need to settle our new family and over $48,000.  Funds to cover travel costs, the purchase of beds and bedding, as well as staples and smaller household items are still needed.



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